Sliding Barn Doors Are Not Just for Barns Anymore!

cheap barn door hardware townhouse stainless steel finishIf you want to improve the space inside your home and also add a visually attractive feature, then a sliding barn door could be exactly what you are looking for!

Sliding barn doors are a practical solution for closing the doorways inside your home that are traditionally hard to fit regular doors into. A sliding or rolling barn door along with its hardware can be created to suit any opening. This gives you a much more attractive and practical solution to an opening that would normally require either swinging French doors or large swinging doors. You can even add our adjustable floor guides to forgo routing.

You aren’t limited to any particular look, color or style when it comes to your sliding barn door. The traditional look is that rustic black steel hardware with weathered or aged timer sliders, but that is only just one of the styles available. If your home or office has a more modern feel to it, then you could also consider stainless steel hardware and metal finishes for the doors. The choices of style are ultimately up to you and what you are looking for inside your home or office.

The great thing about sliding or rolling barn doors is that it is a project that you can do yourself if you are looking to save some money or enjoy DIY projects. There are a lot of materials available that you can work with along with DIY hardware that is easy to install. The hanging barn door hardware is affordable and easy to install, one or two people could easily manage to install the sliding barn doors, with one person being able to do smaller barn doors alone.

Next time you are looking at that awkward door opening considers installing a sliding or rolling barn door in your home or office.

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