Modern Barn Doors Are an Easy Solution to Awkward Entries in Your Home

cheap barn door hardware classic strap black finishWhen you first bring up installing barn doors inside your home with your friends you are often met with a lot of blank stares and confused expressions. When people first imagine barn doors they picture huge old wooden doors; it is hard to take that image and understand how it will work inside a modern home, but it does, and it works surprisingly well.

Swinging doors take up a lot of useless space inside your home; there is no way around that, but what are your options? You could try French doors, but they also take up a lot of wasted space and are actually quite noisy and irritating. French doors may take up about the half space of a regular swinging door, but also leave you with much less privacy.

If you like the idea of a sliding barn door, but not sure how that rustic barn door would suit your home then there a few different styles you can choose from. There are a lot more modern interpretations of traditional sliding barn doors available to choose from now.

You don’t have to have a particular style of home to fit a barn door; you can fit a barn door to any area that you would like to save space in. Swinging doors in your bedroom and especially in walk in wardrobes take up a lot of valuable space; they aren’t the biggest rooms to begin with so maximizing your space is essential.

If you are looking for a new solution to an old problem, then perhaps it is time to look away from the inadequate solutions to a modern solution that not only looks fantastic but can also be modified and varied to suit any position or location.

To compliment your barn door purchase, we offer genuine leather pulls that match the finish of your kit.

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