Building Yourself a DIY Sliding Barn Door Is an Easy Project with A Lot of Different Choices in Size, Style and Function.

cheap barn door hardware classic top mount bathroomIf you have seen sliding barn doors on television or home styling magazines and thought that you would like something similar in your home but worried about the cost, then don’t! Sliding barn doors can be an affordable and easy project for any handy DIY person. Every day people are beginning to learn how a sliding barn style door can be a major improvement on any home, offering stylish, practical and alternate solutions to traditional swinging doors.

One of the biggest problems for people with large openings inside their homes is that to close that opening they are limited to only a few possible choices, inbuilt wall slider, French doors or regular large swinging doors. The problem with most of these solutions is that any swinging door needs as much space again to be able to be swung open and closed. So, not only do you have a large opening, but you also need to allow a lot of space around the opening for the door to be open and closed. This creates the problem of dead space inside your room where you can’t place any furniture.

There are some great hardware and kits available if you are considering a DIY sliding barn door for your home or office. These kits are quite affordable and normally include rolling barn door hardware so that you can setup the entire door quickly and easily. You have a wide variety of different styles to choose from, so get creative and choose a sliding barn door that suits your home and personality. In addition, there are numerous accessories that can add a unique accent to your door, such as decorative knobs and pulls. Remember, when it comes to attaching the sliding barn doors to the rails and hardware you may need to get someone to give you a hand lifting them into place.

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