Modern Barn Doors Are an Easy Solution to Awkward Entries in Your Home

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When you first bring up installing barn doors inside your home with your friends you are often met with a lot of blank stares and confused expressions. When people first imagine barn doors they picture huge old wooden doors; it is hard to take that image and understand how it will work inside a modern home, but it does, and it works surprisingly well. Swinging doors take up a lot of useless space inside your home; there is no way around that, but what are your options? You could try French doors, but they also take up a lot of wasted space and are actually quite noisy and irritating. French doors may take up about the half space of a regular swinging door, but also leave you with much less privacy. If you like the…

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Space-Saving Sliding Doors Can Be the Solution for Your Home Between the Kitchen and Dining Room

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If you have been struggling to find the solution to an awkward entrance way between your dining room and kitchen, then a modern sliding barn door could be the solution that you have been searching for. Just because you have never installed your own sliding barn door doesn’t mean that without a little bit of research you can’t! If you are a DIY kind of person, then don’t be scared off by the size and scope of a DIY sliding barn door kit. They can be very easy to install when you do your homework and work off a set of plans. The important thing to remember is to take your time and if you feel like something could be too hard or awkward to maneuver by yourself to just ask a friend for a…

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Sliding Barn Doors Are Not Just for Barns Anymore!

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If you want to improve the space inside your home and also add a visually attractive feature, then a sliding barn door could be exactly what you are looking for! Sliding barn doors are a practical solution for closing the doorways inside your home that are traditionally hard to fit regular doors into. A sliding or rolling barn door along with its hardware can be created to suit any opening. This gives you a much more attractive and practical solution to an opening that would normally require either swinging French doors or large swinging doors. You can even add our adjustable floor guides to forgo routing. You aren’t limited to any particular look, color or style when it comes to your sliding barn door. The traditional look is that rustic black steel hardware with weathered…

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Building Yourself a DIY Sliding Barn Door Is an Easy Project with A Lot of Different Choices in Size, Style and Function.

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If you have seen sliding barn doors on television or home styling magazines and thought that you would like something similar in your home but worried about the cost, then don’t! Sliding barn doors can be an affordable and easy project for any handy DIY person. Every day people are beginning to learn how a sliding barn style door can be a major improvement on any home, offering stylish, practical and alternate solutions to traditional swinging doors. One of the biggest problems for people with large openings inside their homes is that to close that opening they are limited to only a few possible choices, inbuilt wall slider, French doors or regular large swinging doors. The problem with most of these solutions is that any swinging door needs as much space again to be able…

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Sliding Barn Doors Are Easy to Operate for Everyone, Young Children and Even Elderly People with Arthritis and Other Health Ailments.

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Often people look at sliding barn doors inside homes and lofts and assume incorrectly they are heavy and hard to slide when in fact the opposite is true. Sliding barn doors when installed correctly can be adjusted to slide as easily as you like. You can also adjust them to have more resistance to prevent them being slung open, all at your convenience to suit your needs. If you are looking to maximize space in your home, the sliding barn doors could be an excellent solution. They are practical and easy to install with several DIY sliding barn door kits and hardware available at affordable prices. Our barn door hardware kits also feature a variety of accessories to enhance the look of your door. Sliding barn doors when installed will slide back to fit flush…

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